Changing Your Mindset

I have been super busy lately and consequently there has been an embarrassing lack of posts on my part. I hope to post more over the coming weeks as I have made some lovely new autumn purchases that I would love to share. But for now I have a little bit of advice to give that someone amazing has given to me recently and if it helps just one person, I will be extremely happy.

Lately my mind has tended to switch to the negative rather than the positive. I find that I often look at the behaviour of others towards me in an accusing way, searching for a negative or manipulative explanation as to why they have done or said something.

This is something I have struggled with for most of my life. A feeling of insecurity and inadequacy that has led me to assume others believe they are better and stronger than me. I am a chronic over thinker and therefore severely over analyse situations and find negative sources for most things. I am often suspicious of people rather than just accepting them for who they are and recognising their character. Sometimes I think it’s a method of protection- by always preparing for and assuming the worst. Then I can feel that I expected the situation and got it right.

Given that this frame of mind is frankly, quite exhausting, I am attempting to change my mindset in a bid to be rid of tiring thoughts and replace them with positivity and acceptance.

A lot of time can be wasted being angry and frustrated at behaviour and situations that are beyond our control, and therefore I hope to no longer dwell on or over analyse these things and just focus on the best person I can be.

Someone close to me has recently helped me see beyond my internal anguish and confusion by telling me that there are things that are not worth the energy, given that people just are who they are. The only way to be happy is to change your thoughts within as it is not what is around us that can change, but the way we view it.

I can feel my thoughts changing already, and as long as keep reminding myself not to be critical and to accept my own personality along with that of others, positivity and content will follow.

Thank you Lisa 


Let me introduce you to a new fashion buzzword which describes a very fashionable yet anti-fashion trend, that fashionistas are falling over themselves to achieve for aw 2014.

Think navy, think black and think bland contrasted with clean, crisp white pumps for a minimalist-esque/ I-have-completely-thrown-this-together look.

Almost anything goes with this trend as long it is structured with simplistic and dark coloured items that may be layered and teamed with a casual item or accessory such as trainers, a rucksack or a hint of sportswear. If you’re finding that hard to imagine then I have included some pictures below to give you a little inspiration.

Looks like high fashion can finally be achieved with little effort, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief…!







Julia Whiting

Super Soiree

I am finally back on the fashion scene and am very pleased to bring you my first event write up for summer 2014 (yes I know it is almost autumn…!).

A fashionable organisation, that I have been part of and have followed for some time now, held their 2014 pre-show event on 8th August, which was a lot of fun! The Midlands Fashion Awards, which just gets better and better, hosted a successful networking event in the heart of Birmingham’s most edgy and fashionable district, Digbeth. The night was filled with talented accessory designers, creative fashion collections and fabulous make-up artists, along with some yummy chocolate truffles which always puts a smile on my face.

Chocolates aside, the evening began with a meet and greet session in the decadent entrance hall of Fazeley studios which allowed guests to peruse a number of stalls and meet an array of talented accessory designers. Accessory stalls included collections of comforting ‘worry jewellery’, beautifully girly and tartan fascinator designs, eco-friendly accessories and chunky knitwear collections.

Accompanying the accessory displays was a hands on beauty section showing the application of the models hair and make-up ready for the show, which we will come to later. Local make-up artist, Jules Cardozo-Marsh was judging this year’s makeup artist finalists, the winner of which will be revealed at the main event in October, and the contestants were able to demonstrate their makeup credentials live in front of guests.

The night was different to previous annual networking events in that it involved a showcase from national designers as opposed to just focussing on local designers, which the organisation has typically been geared towards. The catwalk took place in a separate room and showcased a number of collections from up and coming designers, some of which were local, alongside national designers from Ireland and London. This was to give designers not eligible for the MFAs an opportunity and a platform to showcase their designs and gain some support and mentoring along the way.

Each designer was interviewed on stage by TV presenter, Adele Houghton, which allowed the audience to understand the inspiration behind each of the designs and the background of each of the talented individuals involved.

The final event in October will showcase all 18 local designers which have been announced as finalists for each category. The winners of Accessory Designer, Stylist and Makeup Artist of the year will also be announced.

Julia Whiting

Present to Me

I have worked near the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham for over two years and it has taken me until this week to actually go and look in the shops.

This was lethal on payday as you naturally feel as though you have much more money to spend… So it probably won’t come a surprise to you that I managed to make a purchase.

I have been looking for a rose gold watch with a leather strap as I’m not a huge fan of the bling, metal-strapped watches that seem to be popular at the moment. Anyway- I managed to find a nicely discounted, rose gold, DKNY watch. So now I am a happy woman!


Saturday Fun

Thought I would compile a little post describing last night’s outfit for you all.

I wanted something that wasn’t too hot (as it was boiling last night) and something that looked pretty chic. Monochrome is at the top of my list at the moment.

With this in mind, I chose a tweed black and white mini skirt to complement a black cowl neck top. The skirt is an old Topshop number accompanying a Matalan top; that I actually wear for work most of the time!

To add a touch of colour I opted for my green Whistles clutch bag and dug out my Next black court shoes (extra pointy), which are one of my fail safe options.

I’m still liking my dip dye but I will be going a little darker soon in preparation for Autumn/Winter 2014. Will post photos as soon as its done!


Minimal Sartorial

Hi guys! It has been a little quiet On the Western Front, which I apologise for immensely. But I am hoping to redeem myself with this little post on how to adopt the minimalist approach to fashion.

This is quite an oxymoron of trends given that it often centres on very interesting a different shapes that come in simple monotone shades.

Tailoring is often the focus of this trend with designers looking to make something, typically very corporate and mundane into something more creative and stylish.

More recently minimalism and monochrome have become more casual and I absolutely love some of the more summery outfits I’ve been seeing that reflect this look.

Miranda Kerr, Kendall Jenner and Emma Watson manifest minimalism so effortlessly that I just couldn’t resist adding some pictures of them to this post, so I hope you enjoy!




Celebrity Favourites

Some of my favourite female celebs at the moment…

It is mostly their style and attitude to life that draws me to them and of course the films/ tv shows that they are involved in.

I went to see Maleficent last night and it rekindled my love for the adorable Elle Fanning. It also reminded me how amazing Angelina Jolie is, but she didn’t quite make the top four!

Emma Stone has been a style icon of mine for a while now, and the fact that her and Andrew Garfield are so amazing together makes her even more interesting.

Jennifer Lawrence is an absolute babe. She basically tells all the pressures of being a celebrity to swivel, such as looking like a scarecrow (which were her words). I love her fun loving attitude to life and her style, which portrays her personality through and through.

Kendal Jenner is just cool. That is all.





Payday Treat

Since it’s payday weekend I wanted to buy something new but without spending too much money- Primark was the only real answer to this, so off I went.

I purchased some really cool printed trousers which you can see in the below photo. I have teamed them with my Vivienne Westwood bag, New Look jelly sandals and Primark racer back vest.

The print looks really good with my leather jacket and heels so it goes easily from a comfy day time look to an equally comfy evening look.

I wanted to buy more if I’m honest, but I was slightly concerned that my spending would become out of control if I let myself!



Bank Holiday

I thought i’d share another outfit with you that I wore last night to the pub. Yes it sounds like I am always down the pub, but I don’t drink. I promise!

I sometimes find it more challenging to put together a slightly casual but dressy outfit as I normally like to wear skirts and dresses. But for things like this, I find dresses are a bit much and aren’t warm enough for sitting in the beer garden.

The lace insert blouse was from Primark a few years ago and the light blue jacket is from Zara. The jeans are from TK Maxx, but they’re not really jeans that I like to wear often.

I seem to want to wear my vintage looking Topshop necklace with everything these days. I think I need to find some more jewellery…


Pub Dinner Outfit

Hey guys.

I thought i’d share last nights outfit with you in case you were interested.

My boyfriends family had a nice get together so I wanted something comfy (for eating lots of food!) but something quite on trend also.

I opted for my Primark trousers/leggings, which are actually much thicker than standard leggings and are super comfortable. I teamed them with my old favourite; my Whistles wisteria print silk blouse and my vintage look necklace from Topshop.

To add some more colour I picked up my green Whistles clutch and added my ASOS leather jacket to keep the rain off.

I really love bloc colours at the moment which is why my Whistles clutch was such a good buy for me. I seem to use it with everything and it is surprising what it looks good with (in my opinion). Coral is another colour that I keep being drawn to along with bright pink, so if you feel a bit drab then reaching for one of these shades is likely to add some zest!