A Week in Pictures


Wearing my Whistles Wisteria silk blouse


Topshop sandals


Jamie’s Italian super food salad


Dark chocolate pot with walnut ice cream


Michael Kors striped shopper


Topshop Blouse and Peacocks black high heels

Julia xx

Checking In

I haven’t blogged for a while… It has been a bit hectic and I finally have a morning to myself, which is nice.

There are lots of tasks I need to focus on over the next 6 weeks and it seems a bit daunting, but when I have reached the end there are some really great things that I am looking forward to.

A new management role at work has really taken off and at times the responsibility is really scary, so I need to remain mindful of the great opportunity I have fallen into and not let my own fears and insecurities overcome me.

The company is growing really fast (faster than I would like at times) so the challenges will keep coming and if I don’t embrace them I know I will crumble. I’d like to see myself as a strong person who has learned a lot so I must keep going and keep absorbing.

In the background I have a looming exam which is coming up at the end of June and I know I haven’t put in anywhere near as much effort as I would have liked.

Motivation is lacking when I get home from work given all the new scenarios and my changing responsibilities. But next week I am in London to attend some more classes for the exam, so after this I am going to knuckle down and focus on the material as much as I can, so hopefully I can pass. 

The things that are keeping me sane are visiting my sister in St Ives the weekend after my exam and then going to Paris for the first time at the end of August.

I really want to enjoy some time with my sister as I don’t see her very much with the distance between us (me living in the Midlands and her in Cornwall). She always gives me a good positive perspective on my worries and challenges and I feel, sort of, emotionally cleansed (?) when I have seen her.

But Paris!!! Omg back to Paris. This is the first time I have been out of the country for a good few years and I am so excited. I adore French fashion and can’t wait to wonder around aimlessly and experience new things. I know I am going to enjoy it so much.

I like to write these kind of posts as it helps to cement all my goal posts down in my head- almost like a to do list. I like to refer back to my posts and see how my perspective has changed on something I struggled with, showing me that I can achieve things.

Now I am going to get on with a little fashion post!

Julia xx


Today is the four year anniversary of mine and my lovely boyfriend’s first date and I can’t communicate how special he is to me.

We haven’t got each other presents and cards this year but it doesn’t mean that we don’t love each other as much, it just reflects how much faster our pace of life is at the moment and I can’t wait to spend it all with him.

I truly feel that he is my soulmate and before I met him I believed that I would never meet someone as special as he is. Oh how wrong I was.

He is the person that I can share anything with and be completely myself around and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

I love you Michael and I now know what the saying ‘I love you more and more each day’ really means.


Julia xx

Sunday Thoughts

Thinking about the week ahead on a Sunday night can be quite daunting when you consider all the tasks and events that can occur over 7 days.

In order to deal with this it is important to simply consider the one day in front of you and break all the tasks down into manageable chunks. Usually you will find that you can get more done in the time frame you have than initially thought.

One of the things I have to remind myself of is that the things that worry and concern me the most often cannot be planned or avoided, so acceptance is key and blocking them out until you reach the office is important so that you can get a good nights sleep before the start of a new week.

A concept I came across recently that has been a big help is the idea of maintaining a ‘beginner’s mind’. This involves looking at tasks with a fresh outlook each day, ignoring the things that have held you back previously.

Often a fresh mind allows you to revisit persistent tasks in the same way but with less negativity. This helps the tasks get done and perhaps without the self doubt and anxiety which stems from them not going completely to plan last week or last month.

It is important to remember that we are ‘work in progress- and we will get there a bit at a time, not all at once’.

I hope you all of a great week. Remember to take it in your stride!


Julia xx


I adore stripes at the moment. This is a great pattern to mix into a simple outfit to make an impact with minimal effort.

A simple black and white striped top looks perfect with a plain pair of trousers or jeans and I love wearing mine with my black faux leather jacket.

I have two horizontal striped tops (both black and white/cream) that I recently purchased from river island in the sale. They cost me £10 each and I have gotten a good amount of wear out of them so far. For something so simple and on trend, its good to know that the high street has a lot to offer for those on a budget.


Julia xx


Currently on the train after a long week of meetings, reflecting on the last few weeks. Its been tough and there have been many internal battles where a lack of perspective has fuelled some sort of frustration.

These kind of weeks are when my learning curve is the steepest and when I reach a point of thought inflection, I become extremely appreciative of where I have arrived and how I got there.

Too often I hold onto ridiculously silly and unhelpful frustrations that eventually leave me feeling embarrassed when I have moaned about these things to another person. But what I need to take from this is that there are times when annoyance should be left behind in the first instance and I feel I am slowly progressing with this.

Frustration is something that we all battle with, but what should be learned is how to identify the insignificance of the emotion and let it go.

Acceptance of things that can’t be changed and trends that keep occurring such as behavior or situations should simply be viewed as inevitable and uncontrollable to allow for a calmer thought process in how to respond.

Whether it is a rude comment from someone, a hasty expectation from a colleague or a bad driving occurrence on the way home; these things should not define our mindset for the remainder of the day/week and should be viewed as the insignificant happenings that they are.

9 times out of 10 the other individual involved won’t give these things a second thought or have any idea that you have, so let it go!

Julia xx