Brand Discovery…Claudie Pierlot

I recently came across Claudie Pierlot; the cutest, quintessentially French brand I have ever had the pleasure of browsing in Selfridges. 

Ever since, I just can’t seem to stop going onto the website and browsing new styles and items! I think there is an addiction brewing… Goodbye wages! 

So that I don’t have to cope with this alone, I thought I would share my love for this brand with my lovely followers in the hope that others can appreciate my problem. 

If you’re not too familiar with French style then think; stripey jersey tops, pretty skater dresses in navy, pinafores and cute cardigans. Think Brigitte Bardot! 

I purchased this gorgeous coral dress from the summer collection (which is now on sale) and I can’t stop wearing it. It’s getting to the point where all my other summer clothes won’t be worn until summer 2016, if I carry on. 

The skater style is my go-to shape for dresses as it flatters my tall figure and the pretty frills around the V neck line are just perfect. 

I also purchased a black skater dress with a bow detail on the back. I don’t have a picture of this to share; but I can assure you it is beautiful. 

I have included a few of my favourite sale items below to give you a better feel for the brand. 

I am patiently waiting for the Autumn/Winter collection already.

Julia xxx


This weekend has been very friend focussed which I have really enjoyed. My friends are super important to me and have become more so as I have gotten older. 

It is interesting because a small number of the people I am close with now I have known from a young age, but the majority are people I knew but wasn’t close to until after my time at school (despite them always being there). I think this is testament to how much I have changed since my teenage years which has brought me closer to different people. Leaving school and forging your own way in life makes you look for different characteristics in a friend/friendship group.

My best girls are the perfect blend of hilarious, supportive, sensible and kind. We have all grown so much together and I couldn’t wish for a better group of companions. 

I have friends at work and outside of work that I feel so lucky to have met. My dad always says that if you can count the number of ‘good’ friends on one hand then you are lucky; and I can safely say that I am one of those lucky people. 

Just wanted to remind myself of the great people I have in my life. I hope this can inspire other people to be appreciative too.  

A few snaps of some lovely people:

Julia xx

News Feed Inspiration

Here are some of the things that have caught my attention this week from various social media platforms…

Kylie has died her hair again and Kendall reflects the pastel theme with her gorgeous pink outfit. Such a supportive sister. 
I am moving house in the next few months so interiors are on my mind quite a lot. Some beautiful pictures have inspired me.

I’m not engaged but oh wow if I get married, I want my dress to be this exact thing please!? The sparkles make her back look incredible. 

Those of you who read my posts regularly will be aware of my love for positive quotes, so it would be wrong to end the week without one. 


Pre-Fall Trends 2015

We are starting to reach that time of year again, where the transition pieces between summer and autumn flood into the high street stores.

Although I always find this time very exciting for fashion, especially because I absolutely love to buy coats, it is difficult to ensure that you buy pieces that will be sticking around for the entire autumn/winter period. 

After looking at the main trends from the transition fashion shows I was pleased to see that I already had a number of pieces that reflected some of the collections.

I have put together the trends below and then shown the item in my current wardrobe which I feel fits into the category. 

Given that the full winter collections do not hit the stores until late October/November it is always good to have a few items to keep you on trend, without buying a whole new wardrobe of transition to then be tempted further by the full collections. 

I have taken the trends from the Harpurs Bazaar website link below:

Shearling is a go-er it seems and luckily my faux fur gilet from Zara last year (I know it’s not a shearling effect) still looks the part.   


One of my favourite autumn/winter trends which never fails to occur in one form or another, is tartan/checks. There is something really cosy and stylish about this highland pattern which I just cannot resist. This year I think my summer jersey check dress will be great for the transition period and can be mixed with a coat as the weather gets cooler. 


Masculine Chic 

I tend to struggle a bit with the more masculine and minimalistic styles that hit the catwalk. I’m a very girly girl and love florals so this seems a little odd to me. However I have a gorgeous floaty Zara Mac which can act as my masculine piece as it exhudes that detective chic necessary for any autumn wardrobe. 


These are only a few of the trends to follow this Autumn and I have picked the ones that match with my personal style. Feel free to check out the other trends set for stardom to see what can be revisited in your wardrobe. 
Happy recycling! 


A Little Inspiration…

For those of you not sure what people think of you- it is how you feel about yourself that it is important, so focus on how you feel inside. 

For those of you looking for happiness- happiness comes from within and being happy comes from appreciating what you have. 

For those of you unsure of what you want from life- create new experiences , be open minded and most of all be kind. 

For those feeling lonely- appreciate yourself and the people you do have around you and others will appreciate you too. 

And finally for those of you with anger- lose and diffuse it because anger only becomes the burden of those that hold onto the emotion. The point of the anger is oblivious. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Sort Out

I feel like I have been pretty non-existent for a while, so I’m really excited for my first proper post about fashion and style for about 6 months. Here goes…

I am now on a study break after my first big exam for a qualification I’m working towards and the first thing I wanted to do was go through my wardrobe and throw out all the items I no longer identify with.

I have found recently that the amount of stuff that I have makes me forget how I like to dress and the style I’m looking for when I go to select clothing for the day. So having a good sort out is something I felt would help with this problem.

I was quite harsh on myself and got rid of anything I hadn’t worn for a year (this was quite a lot of stuff). So this is what I am left with…


I have all my jersey tops, sportswear and jumpers in drawers so this is not the only clothing I have. But I now feel that everything left is an item that can be blended well with the rest of my wardrobe.

I have also had a clear out of makeup and general dressing table items as I owned a hell of a lot of makeup for someone who wears the same 5 products every day. So now I have a super organized dressing table next to my clothes rail.


I’d recommend having a sort out if you’ve reached a point of saturation with your clothing. It seems easier to just go out and buy more things but when the new items are blended with the old coats and skirts from previous trends and styles they quickly become less inspiring. It is also clearer what you can buy to match existing pieces after you have sorted through your items. Then you are likely to get more use out of the clothes you buy.

I’m going away next weekend and having a big sort out has helped me think about what I want to take with me so all in all, I’m feeling good about my wardrobe!

Julia xx


In the midst of studying at the moment. Trying to keep a clear head which is a challenge when there is so much going on around me.

Appreciating the little things and enjoying what is around is helpful and allows me to have a positive mindset despite the flood of information.

For the next few weeks I am going to be really selfish until the exam is over. I know I can get through as long as I give myself the time and calm thought process that I need to absorb the information.

I am in London at the moment on my revision course and the change of scenery is really helping me. There are some familiar things around which give me some comfort but being away from the office and home helps to clear my
mind and focus my thoughts on what I need to cover over the next few weeks.

I have prepared myself for failing in case I do so I know that I can deal with it and not let it stop me from achieving the end goal. I know many intelligent people who I would consider to be extremely knowledgeable who have not passed things first time. This doesn’t mean that they are any less than those who did, it just means that perhaps the questions just weren’t for them on that day.

Given everything I have achieved over the last 12 months I know that I can honestly look back and say that I have given my all- so if that is not enough it means it is just not my time and I am OK with that. Thinking like this helps me to be prepared and then if I do pass; there will be a very happy blog post to follow.

Some people may view this post as quite defeatist in the sense I am prepping myself for failing, but this is quite the opposite. I want to prepare myself for all outcomes so that I am not so emotionally attached to the result. I need to ensure a good realistic and clear head so that I don’t preoccupy my brain with the pressure – this will help me to pass.


Julia xx